L.Johnny In First Grade.


There was once Little Johnny in first grade

His teacher once asked him:

“Do you know what the chicken gives us?”

“Eggs” he answered

“Correct, anything else?”

“More eggs”

“Besides the eggs, what does the chicken give us?”

“Even more eggs, ma’am”

“I’ll give you a hint – it’s something fluffy”

The Little Johnny stays silent

“OK. What is it that you sleep on top of at night?”

“The floor, ma’am”

“No, what do you have underneath your head?”

“My hands, ma’am”

“Ok, nevermind. What is it that your dad sleeps on top of?”

“That should be Mom, ma’am”

“What about when your mom is away?”

“The neighbour’s wife, ma’am”

“And what if she’s gone as well?”


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