A Farmer Was Trying To Sell His Farm

A farmer from the midwest was trying to sell his farm so he could retire in Florida.

The farm had been on the market for several months with no prospects until a man stopped and asked about the place.

The farmer explains that there were 1,000 acres half farmable and the other half beautiful timber with a trout stream and a small pond full of smallmouth bass.

The man was intrigued but concerned about the price, which he agreed was fair market value.

Then the farmer told the man of the farms secret.

There were no biting or stinging insects on the property.

Now the man was very intrigued but how could they prove this claim and if they could prove it, he might be willing to pay what the farmer was asking.

The farmer suggested that they tie the man naked to a tree overnight and if he didn’t have a single mark on his person, his claim would be proven and the man would buy the land at the asking price.

As a bonus, the farmer added that if there was just one mark or sting on the man’s body that he would sell the property at half the asking price.

The man realized that the farmer’s claim was too good to be true and fully expected to buy the land at half price and readily agrees.

As agreed the farmer ties the man to a tree with his hands behind his back and leaves for the evening.

The next morning ...

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