A husband decides to make a quick run to the store


A husband decides to make a quick run to the store, while his wife waits at home.

A few minutes after he leaves the house, his guy friend shows up, hoping to speak with him.

Seeing that the husband is not home, the friend says he’ll come back later but is invited in by the wife.

As the two of them make small talk in the living room, there’s a moment of awkward silence.

Looking at the wife’s face, the friend brazenly offers to pay her $100 if he can give her a kiss.

Blushful but tempted by the money, the wife accepts the deal.

After one kiss, he offers another $100.

Once again, the wife accepts another kiss.

The friend then bids farewell and leaves. Finally, the husband returns home, and the wife quickly stuffs the money in her pocket.

She tells him his friend had just visited.

Of course, she leaves out the kissing part.

Her husband asks, “

Did he pay back the $200 he owed me?”

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