what’s the first thing your father does in the morning?” “He takes a sh*t, sir” says Johnny


“Johnny” says the teacher, “what’s the first thing your father does in the morning?”

“He takes a sh*t, sir,” says Johnny.

“Oh,” says the teacher, trying to hide a smile, “and what does your father do for a living?”

Johnny, not one to hold back, replies with an innocent grin, “He’s a plumber, sir.”

The classroom erupts into laughter as the teacher struggles to maintain composure. Johnny’s candid response has brought a sense of humor to the otherwise mundane morning routine discussion.

From that day on, Johnny becomes known as the class comedian. His quick wit and humorous take on everyday situations keep his classmates entertained, even during the dullest of lessons. The teacher learns to appreciate Johnny’s lightheartedness and encourages him to use his sense of humor wisely.

As Johnny grows older, he never loses his knack for making people laugh. He becomes a successful stand-up comedian, known for his sharp wit and his ability to find humor in the ordinary. His career takes him to stages around the world, where he continues to bring joy to audiences.

But Johnny’s humor is not limited to the stage. He also uses it to brighten the lives of those around him. He visits children’s hospitals, using his jokes to make young patients smile. He hosts charity events, raising funds to help those in need. His ability to find humor in life’s challenges inspires others to do the same.

Johnny’s legacy extends beyond comedy. He leaves a mark on the world as someone who reminded people that laughter can be a powerful force, capable of easing pain, bringing joy, and connecting us all.

And so, the little boy who once made his teacher laugh with a simple, candid answer grows up to be a man who spreads laughter and happiness to everyone he meets.

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