There are three girls at a pub


Three girls walked into a pub, but the bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve your type here.”

The girls look puzzled and ask, “What do you mean? We just wanted some drinks!”

The bartender replies, “I meant we don’t serve minors. You all look way too happy to be 21!”

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There are three girls at a pub, a redhead, a brunette, and a blonde. They have taken seats at the polished wooden pub, each with a unique air of anticipation in their eyes. It’s a Friday evening, and the dimly lit establishment hums with the energy of the after-work crowd. The clinking of glasses and murmurs of conversations fill the air as the trio scans the menu, their eyes darting from one drink option to another.

The redhead, whose name is Sarah, leans in and scans the cocktail list with a mischievous glint in her emerald-green eyes. She’s the adventurous one of the group, always up for trying new things. She orders a vibrant blue concoction, a “Mystic Blue Lagoon,” and grins at her friends. “Ladies, tonight we’re stepping out of our comfort zones,” she announces with a wink.

The brunette, named Mia, chuckles and opts for a classic martini. She’s the practical one, balancing out Sarah’s impulsiveness and the impending unpredictability of the night. “Cheers to spontaneity,” she toasts, clinking her glass with Sarah’s.

The blonde, Emily, purses her lips thoughtfully before settling on a glass of red wine. She’s the introspective one, often lost in her own thoughts, and tonight seems like no exception. Her azure eyes wander around the bar, taking in the eclectic mix of patrons and the warm, amber lighting that casts a cozy glow on everything.

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