The breeding roosters of the poultry farm are getting old, so the farmer buys new roosters.

After he arrived, the new rooster walked up to the old rooster and said, “Grandpa, listen here! This whole farm is mine!”

Old Rooster: “Okay mate? At least stick with your old hen? Stay in the back?”

The new rooster stood firm: “No way! All the chickens are mine!”

The old rooster sighed and suggested that they both race around the farmhouse, if the old rooster wins, he stays on the farm, and if he loses, he leaves and gets a new rooster.

The only catch is that the old rooster is not well, so he needs a good start.

And so the roosters line up, the old one nods, and the new rooster takes off.

As you walk in front of the house, the old rooster is right in front of you. He is very close to winning. Stretching his neck, he ran forward, desperately trying to close the gap between them.

At that moment the farmer looked up from the porch and saw two roosters; he took out his gun and shot the new rooster in the head,

“Shit! Third gay chick this week!”

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