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Norma and Sonia were talking about their grandchildren after the holidays.

Norma said, “My daughter-in-law stopped making my grandchildren send their ‘thank you’ notes.

Each year I sent the grandchildren a card with a generous check inside. I always received a lovely ‘thank you’ note.

However, since my daughter-in-law stopped making the grandkids send thank you notes, I never hear from them.”

Sonia said, “My daughter-in-law never made the grandchildren send ‘thank you’ notes.

I too send them a very generous check.

However, for the past several years, I hear from them within a week after they receive it. In fact, they each pay me a personal visit.”

“Wow,” remarked Norma. “I wish mine would do that.”

“You can, Norma, you can.”

“How?” Norma asked

“Simple. Do what I do. Don’t sign the check.”

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