A Woman Has A Vision Of God


And God tells her

“I will answer one question for you.” The woman thinks and then asks

“How long will I live?”

You will live to be 101.” God answers and disappears.

The woman wakes up thrilled and after thinking decides to make some life changes.

The first thing she did was dye her hair she always wanted to be a blonde.

Then she changes her diet and works out and losses 50 pounds. She has plastic surgery with a tummy tuck, chest implants, lip injections, nose job, and face lift.

She is thrilled at the new her and is ready for a long life.

As she is crossing the street a week later she is hit by a bus and killed.

She is very upset as she gets to heaven.

She looks for God and when she finds him she yells at him

“What The hell God? You said I would live to be 101!”

“Who are you?” God asks. “Linda, Linda smith.”

“Oh Linda! I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you!”

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