Suzy asked her big sister


Suzy asked her big sister Samantha how babies are made.

Samantha explains it to her.

“I still don’t get it? Can you show me.”

Suzy says.

“OK. Tonight, I will let you watch will my boyfriend, Jack and I bang.”

That night, Jack laid Samantha 5 times but Suzy still didn’t understand.

The next night Jack was tired of Suzy watching so he offered to have lovemaking with her.

“OK but I don’t want Samantha to watch”

So Samantha went outside.

They are in there for almost an hour and when they come out Jack is smiling like crazy.

“That was fun but I still don’t get it.”

Says Suzy.

The next day the same thing happened.

And the next day.

Finally 2 weeks later Samantha comes home crying.


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