5-year-old Johnny running around the house

Little 5-year-old Johnny was running around the house making noise…

When his mother yelled at him, saying: “Can’t you find something to do?

Like maybe go across the street and watch the construction workers build that new house?

“So, Johnny did. A few hours later, His father had just returned home from work.

“Where were you, son?” He asked.

Little Johnny answered: “Watching the men building that new house.”

“Did you learn anything?”, asked Dad

“I Did!”, exclaimed Little Johnny,

“I learned all about building a house!”

“That’s a lot to learn in just one day!” Johnny’s father replied.

“Tell me, Son, how do you build one?

”Little Johnny replied: “Well first, you have to put in the goddamn doors,

except that when you go to put the f***king door up, but that son of a b**tch won’t fit.

So, you bring that c**kscker back down, take a count hair off each end,

then you put the mother f****ker back up and ...


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