A kid is walking down the street


A kid is walking down the street with a jar of money and dragging along a dead frog on a string.

And he walks into a brothel.

He sets the jar of money on the counter and proclaims to a woman in the lobby “I want to have lovemaking with the dirtiest, nastiest woman you have here.”

She glares at him and replies “get outta here. you’re too young to be here.”

The kid retorts, pointing at the jar and says “look, lady- I’m paid. Let me do what I want.”

She agrees, and points him towards a door down the hall.

“Meet Evelyn, she’s a veteran.”

He does the deed and walks out of the room, still zipping up.

The lady in the lobby asks him if he realizes the consequences of his actions.

He replies, “Yes. I came here hoping for an STD, and I’ve gotten what I wanted.”

Confused, she asks him why.


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