97 Year Old Midwife Gets One Last Wish Before Going To Heaven


Elsa, a 97 year old midwife, finally passed away after a long and happy life. When she arrived at the Pearly Gates, St

Peter was standing there waiting for her.

He said, “Welcome, Elsa. Do you have a last wish before you enter paradise?”

“I do,” Elsa replied

“I would like to return to Earth for a few minutes and for once in my life witness a birth where the father is the one who has to endure the pain of having a baby.”


Peter thought this was a reasonable request, so Elsa was sent back to Earth for a short while.

She found herself standing in the home of a woman who was just having a baby. While giving birth, the mother seemed to be in no pain whatsoever.

The midwife was curious to see how her husband was doing ...


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