Three Italian Nuns Die And Go To Heaven


Three Italian nuns die and go to heaven, where they are met at the Perly Gates by St. Peter.

He says, “Ladies, you all led such wonderful lives,

that I’m granting you six months to go back to Earth and be anyone you want.”

The first nun says, “I want-a to be Sophia Loren” and *poof!* she’s gone.

The second says, “I want-a to be Madonna” and *poof!* she’s gone.

The third says, “I want-a to be Sara Pipalini.” St. Peter looks perplexed.

“Who?” he says. “Sara Pipalini” replies the nun.

St. Peter shakes his head and says “I’m sorry but that name just doesn’t ring a bell.”

The nun then takes a newspaper out ...


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