Moral Story ‣ Sand And Stone


Jimmy and Johnny were best friends. They fought for many reasons and but never gave up their friendship.

They went in search of a job and visited many places to earn more money.

They passed through various places, villages, towns, forests, beaches, and were supporting each other all the way through out their journey.

One day they reached a desert and they had a very little food and water.

Jimmy told Johnny to eat half the quantity of food and then once they get very tired and feel like they cannot make a step they can eat another half and save water for later use.

However, Johnny disagreed. He wanted to drink water as he was very thirsty.

They quarreled each other to have water. Jimmy slapped Johnny and they walked in silence. They decided to have food and continue their journey.

Johnny wrote in sand, “My best friend slapped me!”

They shared the meager amount of food and water and finally reached an oasis. They were very tired after passing through the dry and hot desert.

Johnny was so happy to see the oasis and had a lot of fun in the water.

While they both were bathing, Johnny was a bit careless ...


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