Curious old man joins a nudist club

A curious old man joins a nudist club.

He registers at the club office, undresses and starts walking around the area.


After a short while, a gorgeous petite blonde strolls by, and the man immediately gets an erection.


The woman notices his erection, comes over to him and says, “Did you call for me?”


The man replies, “No, what do you mean?”


She says, “You must be new here. Let me explain. It’s a rule here that if you get an erection, it implies that you called for me.”


Smiling, she leads him to the side of the swimming pool, lies down on a towel, eagerly pulls him to her and happily lets him have his way with her.


After this unexpected but amazing experience, the man continues to explore the colony’s facilities. He enters the sauna and, as he sits down, he unintentionally lets loose a fart.


Within minutes, a huge, hairy man lumbers out of the steam-room toward him, “Did you call for me?” grunts the hairy man.


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