A poorly dressed woman entered a fancy restaurant. All the customers looked at her with scorn.

The woman was wearing a ragged old dress and had a sloppy look. The hostess immediately ran up to her not even trying to hide her disgust.

“Madam you have probably mistaken the place for somewhere else.” All she wanted was to quickly get rid of this unwelcome guest.

The woman looked at her shyly and asked is this grandson’s restaurant?

The people in the dinning hall began to whisper and giggle.

The hostess looked at the woman with a pitiful look you’re right. This is. What do you want madam?

Immediately call the administrator! Shouted one of the disgruntled visitors, I booked a table here in advance not for this beggar to watch me eat!

The old lady lowered her head and said softly I will not take much of your time dear.

I have only one request the hostess reluctantly invited the elderly woman inside, to the sound of general disapproval and averted shouts.

I would have called security if I were you! Did you notice how she smells? That’s a nightmare! The visitors didn’t hide their feelings at all.

The woman went to the showcase with desserts and peered at it for a long time.

The waiters giggled if she hopes to eat here for free she is not getting anything! It seemed the woman did not pay attention to their disapproval.

Tell me Honey is it possible to buy only half of the lemon cake? How much will it cost? I have $17 she asked clutching some crumpled old notes in her hand.

The waiters barely restrained laughter. “Madam I don’t think you have enough money even for one slice of this cake!”

This is a work of art by our chef! Moreover we don’t sell it in halves.

The elderly lady turned pale, it seemed that something had ...


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