A guy walks into a bar, says to the bartender


 A guy walks into a bar, says to the bartender.

“if I show you something amazing will you buy me a drink?”

The bartender says,

“sure, but I’ve been bar-tending a long time so it’s gotta be good.”

Guy reaches into his pocket pulls out a little piano and a frog, the frog starts playing the piano; the bartender gives the guy his drink.

He asks the bartender,

“if I can show you something even better will you cover me the whole night?” bartender thinks about it and figures it’s hard to beat that, so why not.

Guy pulls a tiny microphone stand out and a squirrel, the frog starts to play and the squirrel sings the blues buddy sitting beside the guy goes.

“Hey, I’m a rep for a major label, I want to buy that squirrel, I’ll cut you a cheque for a million dollars right now.”

Guy thinks and goes “Can’t do it.”

A guy goes “Two million.”



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