Little Johnny And His Daddy


Little Johnny was a seven year old boy. He was naughty, funny and very mischievous. One day, his mom was unwell and he was looked after by his daddy.

Little Johnny’s daddy asked him to go to bed as it was close to 9.30 pm. Little Johnny went to his room. His daddy was watching television in the living room.

It was 9.45 and Little Johnny called, “Daddy, can you please bring me a glass of water to drink?”

Daddy was annoyed, “No way Johnny! You get it on your own!”

After five minutes, Little Johnny called his dad and said, “Daddy can you please give me a glass of water? I’m very thirsty”

Daddy replied, “No Johnny. I already told you!”

After five minutes, Little Johnny shouted, “Daddy can you please give me water?”

Daddy said ...


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