The pastor takes a sickie and goes to play golf


 There was a pastor at a local church who loved to golf…

 … he would try to golf as much as possible whenever he could.  He would always watch out for the weather to check if there were any days for golfing.

 Now, it so happened that one of the days was the coming Sunday. So, the pastor called in sick instead of preaching and had a junior pastor substitute for him.

 The local golf course had a nasty 18th hole, most golfers had a 2 handicap on it, even professionals would balk at this hole, a hole in one was never heard of ever.

 So our pastor is happily teeing off and scribbling his scores and having a jolly good time instead of preaching. The angel Gabriel sees him and gets angry and goes to God.

 Gabriel: My Lord this fool has forsaken his flock to pursue his foolish entertainment. You should punish him.

God: Hmmmm, all in time.

Meanwhile our pastor has completed the 17th hole and is doing better than usual and is beside himself as he readies to tee off for the 18th.

Gab: This is the last hole Lord, please show your fury. Blast this ignorant man with lightning.

God: Hmmmmmm

Our pastor tees off and ...


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