Funny Long Joke: A woman visited an Amazonian tribe on a research trip


A woman visited an Amazonian tribe on a research trip.

She spent several days taking notes on the lifestyle and habits of the tribe and interviewing their ruler, King Paolo, via an interpreter. As the tribe’s land was near several rich gold mines, the king and his people were extremely wealthy.

During the woman’s time with him, the king fell hopelessly in love with her, as she was very beautiful. When it came time for her to leave to return to the United States, the king called her into his palace and spoke passionately to her via the interpreter.

“King Paolo begs you to remain here and be his wife. He will grant you any three requests within his power; whatever you ask will be yours.”

Flattered but not desiring to remain in the Amazon forever, the woman decided to ask for impossible favors to avoid having to turn the king down and hurt his feelings. “Tell the king that I accept, but if he cannot fulfill my three requests, I must leave immediately. My first wish is for a 50-carat diamond engagement ring and 25-carat bracelets and necklaces to match.”

When the request was relayed to him, the king nodded without hesitation and responded in primitive English: “Okay, okay! I buy, I buy!”

The woman frowned, not expecting the king to be able to fulfill the ask. She decided to make the next request truly impossible: “My second wish is to live in a home exactly like this one.” She pulled up her phone and displayed a picture of a nine-figure Beverly Hills mansion with three pools, gatehouses, acres of perfectly landscaped property, indoor basketball courts and theatre rooms, the whole nine yards.

When the interpreter explained the request to the king, he waved his hand and nodded eagerly. “Okay, okay, I build! I build!”

He motioned to his nearby advisers, who immediately contacted ...

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