An Old Man Is Sitting With His Grandson


An old man is sitting with his grandson in his hunting cabin…

Among the walls are the mounted heads and pelts of animals he had taken down over the years.

The boy points to a sizable pair of antlers and says

“Wow Grandpa, those are *big* antlers!”

“They sure are. That deer was a majestic creature,” the old man responds.

The boy then points to the head of a moose that had been mounted above the fireplace and exclaims

“Gee Grandpa, that sure is a *big* moose!”

“He sure is! I was afraid the old b@stard was gonna run me down!” The old man chuckles.

Then the boy turned his attention to the gigantic stuffed grizzly bear in the corner of the cabin, and remarks

“That’s a *huge* bear, Grandpa!”

“For sure he is,” the old man agreed,

“that bugger snuck right up behind me, stood *waaaaaay* up on his hind legs and ... 

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