All The Chickens Gathered Around The New Rooster.


In the farm, all the chickens gathered around the new rooster.

He had arrived on the farm in the morning, and was looking at himself proudly as the old rooster of the farm – the only other male of the species in the vicinity – came to him.

The old rooster said,

“See, boy, this is my farm. I challenge you to compete. If you win, you rule the farm. Fair enough?”

The young rooster obviously agreed.

So the old rooster explained,

“I will start from this line, and reach master’s porch. Since I am much old, I will have 3 second’s handicap. After 3 seconds, you will start. If you could bite my crown before I reach the porch, you win.”

“That’s an easy one…” Thought the young rooster.

And they assembled for the race.

At the clap of a beautiful hen, the old rooster began running.

Hen kept counting time.

“1… 2… 3…” And young rooster started full speed at the oldie.


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