An Old Man And His Grandson Head Down.

An 0ld man and his grandson head down a gravel road to go fishing.

The old man has a six-pack of beer.

The grandson says ‘hey, grampa, that looks pretty good’ can I have one?

Grampa says, ‘well boy, can you touch you’re a**h0le with your d***?’

The boy replies with, ‘well, no’

Grampa says ‘good so you can’t have one’

About 20 minutes later they’re cruising around and the little boy grabs his lunch pale and starts eating a chocolate chip cookie.

Grampa says, ‘damn boy that cookie looks pretty damn good. Can I have one of them?’

Little boy replies ‘Well, Grampa can YOU touch your a**hole with YOUR d***?’

“Well hell yeah I can!” the grampa says.

The little boy tells him

‘Good. Go f**k yourself, Gramma made these for me!”

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