The Wasps Is Walking Down The Street.


The world-leading expert on wasps is walking down the street when he passes a record store.

In the window he sees a record called “wasps of the world, and the sounds they make”.

Intrigued, he walks into the store.

He says to the shopkeeper

“I’ll have that wasp record in the window, please. You know I’m the world-leading expert in wasps, there are thousands of different species of wasp, and I can identify any one of them just by listening to the sound it makes!”

He smiles smugly as the shopkeeper fanes interest.

The wasp expert pays and leaves. When he gets home he puts the record on.

“Bbzzzzzzzzz” it goes, but the man is stumped, he doesn’t know what type of wasp this is! He waits for the next track.

“Bbbbzzzzzzzzzzzz” and again, he can’t identify which species of wasp this is!

It gets to the fifth track and he breaks down in tears. He can’t identify a single wasp yet he thought he was the world’s leading expert! He calls his old professor round to the house to help, when he arrives he explains to him,

“I thought I was the best in the wasp business, but I can’t identify a single wasp on this whole record!” He says, still in tears.

The old professor ponders for a minute as he looks at the record.

“Ah, I know what the problem is” says the old professor.

“What? what is it?!”

“You’ve got it on the B-side!”

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