Little Johnny’s Grandmother – Joke

 Little Johnny and his grandmother were shopping in a department store.

Little Johnny wanted to go to the toy department, but grandmother said that they had to stop in the ladies clothing department first.

He obviously couldn’t wait that long, and the next time his grandmother turned around he was gone.

She panicked and looked everywhere for him, but he had disappeared.

Finally, she went to the customer service desk, intending to have them announce his name over the PA system.

To her relief, he was already there waiting for her.

The woman at the desk said,

“He wanted us to announce your name over the PA system, but he didn’t’ know what your name was. We asked him what his daddy called you, and he replied ‘mom’, next we asked him what Grandpa called you and he replied ‘sugar’.

We were almost out of questions for him when another lady suggested that your daughter-in-law might call you by your first name.”

“We were so happy to see you show up at the desk,” she continued,

“because when we asked him what his mommy called you, we were out of ideas!”

“Well,” asked Little Johnny’s grandmother curiously,

“What did he say?”

“He said,” she replied,

“that his mother called you ‘A BITCH’!”

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