A Man Came Skipping Into A Neighbourhood Bar

On a cold stormy day,

A short little man came skipping into a neighbourhood bar with a great big smile on his face, and with the most pleasing voice he asked the bartender for a beer,

As the bartender poured his drink he asked the man,

” what has made you so happy this gloomy day?”

The little man said so proudly in his happy voice,

” I made sweet love to my wife last night!” and the bartender asked,

” how??” the little man said,

” I read her a poem!”

the bartender then asks, ” what did you say?”

The little man said,

” I said, blonde hair, blonde hair, eyes so blue, get under these covers and I’ll make sweet love to you!!”

The bartender decided he had to try this…

The next day the happy little man comes skipping into the bar and asked for a beer but the bartender was all beat up so the little man asked,

“well, what in the world happened to you?????”

The bartender said,

” my wife doesn’t dig that poetry sh!t too much!!!”

The little man asked,

” well what did ya say??”

The bartender said,

” I said, nappy hair, nappy hair, eyes like a frog, get under these covers and I’ll f*ck you like a dog!!”

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