Orange Lamborghini



A busty blonde woman walks into a New York bank and goes straight up to the counter.

“Hello,” the man behind the counter says to the woman. “How can I help you today?”

The blonde has to think for a moment and finally says, “I need a loan of two-hundred and fifty dollars.”

The bank teller responds, “That’s not a problem, miss. We’ll need you to put something up as collateral.”

The blonde takes another moment to think and says, “I have a car. I’ll put that up!”

The bank teller pulls out a form and asks the blonde, “That would work. What kind of car is it?”

The blonde hands the teller her keys and answers, “it’s a bright orange lamborghini. It’s parked right outside.”

The blonde leaves as the teller finishes the form, dumbfounded by the transaction.

A week later, the blonde returns. She has the loan and all of the interest that gathered over the last week. She walks up to the same teller and hands him the money. He then returns her keys.

As the blonde is leaving, the teller can’t fight the urge to ask any longer. “Excuse, miss. I just have one question. Why did you put this four-hundred thousand car up as collateral for such a small amount of money?”

The blonde turns and replies, “Where else in New York City and I supposed to find parking for a week for as little as two-hundred and fifty dollars?”
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