I Would Like To Withdraw £10!


An old man stood in line at the bank. When his turn came, he said, “I would like to withdraw £10.”

The teller told him, “If you’re  withdrawing less than £100, please use the ATM.”

“Why?” asked the old man 

As the teller returned his bank card, she told him, 

“These are the bank's rules, sir, leave if there is nothing else I can help you with, 

there is a queue behind you, and the ATM is outside.”

The old man stayed silent for a few seconds, 

then handed the card back to the teller and said, 

“is it OK if I take out all my money?”

The teller was shocked when she checked the account balance. 

Shaking her head, she leaned over and whispered, 

“but sir, you have £80,000 in your account, 

and the bank doesn’t have that much cash right now. 

Can you make an appointment and come back tomorrow?”

The old man asked, “how much can I withdraw today?”

The teller said, “any amount up to £5000.”

“Well, better give me £5000,” The teller handed it over. Friendly and respectfully.

After putting £10 in his wallet, the old man stood up and asked the teller to put £4990 back into his account. 

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